Tummy tuck

Surgery to the skin and/or fatty tissue of the tummy is most often performed for women who have either lost a lot of weight or who have experienced ‘collapse’ of their tummy skin after one or more pregnancies…


This is one of the most frequently requested cosmetic operation in the UK. Treatment of relatively small areas an be carried out under sedation and local anaesthesia: anything larger is generally carried out under general anaesthetic (asleep) but may still be performed as a day case. For large areas, a night in hospital is advised.

Thigh lift

In a thigh lift, sagged tissues on the upper, inner aspect of the thigh are lifted to improve contour by removal of a semi-lunar shape of skin and fatty tissue, extending from the outer groin crease, inwards through the crotch…..

arm reductıon (bad wings)

Arm Reduction (Brachioplasty) procedure is an operation to remove excess sagging skin and fatty tissue on the under surface of the arm between the armpit and elbow. This problem is common following massive weight loss. The operation is performed under general anaesthesia which takes up to two 

Bra-line Backlift

This operation is performed to ‘tidy up’ folds of skin on the back, particularly in the lumbar area, after considerable or massive weight loss.

Done under a general anaesthetic (asleep), it involves making an incision across the upper back, in the brastrap line for women, extending into each armpit. The whole of the back skin below this

Labia Reduction

Excessive size of the labial lips is a very personal and distressing problem for women affected by it, interfering with sedentary activity, such as cycling, as well as causing discomfort during sexual intercourse and personal embarrassment.

Trunk reduction

This procedure is used when tissue excess is not just present in the tummy but continues not only into the flanks but all the way round to the middle of the back.  This is commonly seen after significant weight loss and careful assessment before committing to surgery is particularly necessary.