In a thigh lift, sagged tissues on the upper, inner aspect of the thigh are lifted to improve contour by removal of a semi-lunar shape of skin and fatty tissue, extending from the outer groin crease, inwards through the crotch and ending at or near the outer end of the buttock crease at the top of the thigh.

A general anaesthetic (asleep) is required with a 2 to 3 night hospital stay afterwards.
Deep slowly dissolving stitches are used to lift the deeper layers and weaving nylon stitches to close the skin, these being removed after 2 weeks.

Straight after surgery it can be quite sore, requiring appropriate pain relief and this may need to be continued at home initially (for instance with Paracetamol tablets).

Gradual return to full movement takes place over about 6 weeks and it is adviseable to allow a minimum of 3 weeks off work.

Thigh lift leaves a scar in the groin skin crease extending through to the buttock crease and, with time, this scar may descend to some degree.

Mr Erel does not combine this operation with liposuction in order to avoid significant risk of problems with healing.  Thigh reduction, either purely with liposuction or including vertical skin and fatty removal from the inner thigh at the expense of a vertical scar, is performed as a separate operation.