Excessive size of the labial lips is a very personal and distressing problem for women affected by it, interfering with sedentary activity, such as cycling, as well as causing discomfort during sexual intercourse and personal embarrassment.

Mr Erel has long experience of dealing with this by carefully trimming the excess tissue away. The procedure is generally carried out under a general anaesthetic (asleep), although, for those afraid of general anaesthesia, it can be carried out under local anaesthetic and more or less heavy sedation. A one night stay is common, although with good support at home, it can be done as a Day Case.

Meticulous care is taken to avoid exposure of the clitoris and of causing vaginal dryness by removing too much tissue. The stitches are dissolveable.

The area is quite sore for the first few days, requiring tablets such as Paracetomol to help, and energetic activity and sexual intercourse in particular should be avoided for 2 to 3 weeks and sometimes longer.
However, this operation can provide great relief for those affected.