Facelift procedures most commonly carried out for purely cosmetic purposes to counteract the effects of ageing. Specific procedures may be directed at particular areas including the creases where the cheeks meet the lips (naso-labial folds), the jowls, the central neck area or the whole of the neck.

These procedures may be carried out after or at the same time as the use of formulated regimes of skin rejuvenation products, chemical peeling, laser resurfacing, liposuction, fat grafting, anti wrinkle injections and injectable fillers.


Nose surgery may be desired because the nose is too big or misshapen. In some patients, nose may have been injured and it may be difficult to breathe through the nose properly or as a result of a congenital abnormality such as cleft lip and palate causing dissatisfaction. Surgery is not normally considered until the nose is fully grown, that is from about 18 onwards.


Prominent Ear Correction

In Western society, prominent ears are the butt of teasing, unpleasantness and even bullying. This can carry on into adult life, making life a misery for children and adults alike.

Surgery can be carried out from the age of 6: the ear is well formed by this stage and teasing has not usually started before this. In children, a general anaesthetic (asleep) is needed but from the early teenage years and increasing into the adult age group, surgery can be carried out under local anaesthetic. A general anaesthetic can still be used for teenagers and adults, if preferred. Surgery is usually carried out as a day case.

Eyelid Reduction

Sagging of the eyelid skin is common. For the upper eyelid, removal of the excess skin is the only effective remedy. For lower eyelids, there may be non-surgical options such as laser resurfacing, anti wrinkle injections or chemical peeling and Mr Erel would advise you about this.

Submental Tuck

This procedure is specifically targeted at the soft tissues under the chin, extending a short way down the front of the neck and can be carried out as a Day Case, or combined with a Bilateral Minifacelift  or with a Face/Necklift with a one or two night stay.

A horizontal incision (cut) is made in the crease just under the skin (where it is well concealed).  A crescent-shaped, area of skin, based on the horizontal incision, with its widest part pointing backwards down the neck, is then removed, together with all underlying fat, extending under the skin down the upper part of the front of the neck to remove further fat. 

Central Neck Tidy

As the tissues of the neck age and relax, an obvious central fold can develop under the chin in both women and in men. This is principally due to loose skin, not excess fat. Instead of the sideview (profile) of the neck going inwards (being concave) in this area, it sags outwards (convex) and can be the cause of considerable self-consciousness and possible loss of self-confidence.

Whilst this can be addressed by a full facelift, including necklift, that extent of surgery may not be indicated or wanted, and in some people it may not be considered safe.